HACKEROTT: Ihr Autohändler in Hannover für SEAT, ŠKODA

Alpine Main aarch64 Official fakeroot-1.25.3-r0.apk: Gives a fake root environment, useful for building packages as a non-privileged user: Alpine Main armhf Official fakeroot-1.25.3-r0.apk it is a good idea, for security reason, to avoid doing as root everything that could be done as normal user, even if you can run sudo or su because it is your machine.fakeroot has two usages 1) it fools programs into believing you are indeed root user, which some badly written proprietary software may require even if not needed (usually Windows developer gone Linux) and 2) it allow emulating Gives a fake root environment , to remove the need to become root for a package build.. fakeroot runs a command in an environment where it appears to have root fakeroot free download. Gentoo for Unrooted and Rooted Android The only Gentoo for non-rooted phones without fakeroot. Also works on rooted Android phones. It is Provided by: fakeroot_1.18.2-1_amd64 NAME fakeroot - einen Befehl zur Dateimanipulation in einer Umgebung mit gefälschten Root-Rechten ausführen ÜBERSICHT

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